Workplace Training Program

The Workplace Training Program: Connecting Unemployed Albertans and Employers

Job Seekers, Are You…

  • Lacking experience, education and/or occupational specific skills?
  • Just out of school and don’t have a lot of experience on your resumé?
  • Having difficulty obtaining a job due to limited skills?

Employers, Are You…

  • Looking for assistance with recruiting, hiring and training new staff?
  • Wanting to connect with job seekers who are ready and eager to join your company?


Finding and hiring good employees with the right skill sets can sometimes be challenging. Potential candidates may have the right combination of enthusiasm and ability but lack some of the specific skills you need for your business to thrive. The Workplace Training Program (WT) can help your company invest in a great candidate and transform him or her into a productive and valuable employee.

WT offers individual-focused training (On-the-Job Training) or Paid Work Experience to enable job seekers to find and maintain employment, and employers to hire and train new employees.

On-the-Job Training (OJT):

OJT is a custom-made program supporting the skill development needs of eligible unemployed individuals using both worksite training and offsite courses. OJT must be a minimum of 30 hours/week and will normally not exceed 26 weeks. The amount of contribution towards the Employer’s training cost may be up to 70% of the employee’s wage to a maximum of $390/week. The intent of OJT is to provide ongoing employment after training.

Paid Work Experience (PWE):

PWE is a short-term three-week paid work experience intended to support individuals to perform specific work tasks, to become familiar with employer worksite standards, safe work practices and to demonstrate their competencies and skills. It provides the opportunity for an employer to confirm that an individual demonstrates the essential workplace characteristics such as aptitude for the work, positive attitude, work ethic and willingness to learn with the expectation that the individual will be hired after the PWE has expired. Employer reimbursement is up to a maximum of 40 work hours at minimum wage for three weeks. PWE must be over 30 hours per week.

Supplemental Training Funds can be requested up to a maximum of $1,500 per participant. Training must be provided by an independent school or training organization.

Job Seeker Eligibility

  • Unemployed Alberta resident
  • 18 years of age or older
  • Meet citizenship requirements (e.g. Canadian citizen, permanent resident or convention refugee) and be legally entitled to work and train in Canada
  • Lacking the minimum qualifications that employers require
  • Not attending an education program under the School Act (Kindergarten to Grade 12)
  • Able to work full time (30 or more hours per week)
  • Primarily designed for Albertans with Employment Insurance involvement in the past 5 years
  • Ready, willing and able

Eligibility for the program, existing skills and training needs are determined through an assessment with the Workplace Training Consultant.

Services to Job Seekers:

  • Job search supports and guidance: researching employers, resumés and cover letter critique and development, self-marketing, interview preparation, and on-line job search skills.
  • Assistance to attain employment to acquire essential and occupational-related skills.
  • Job maintenance support.

Employer Eligibility

  • Intent to hire and train a full-time employee
  • Compliance with Alberta Labour Standards and other applicable regulations
  • OHS compliant
  • Be a legal entity
  • Possess a WCB number and business insurance
  • Ability to deliver WT Program
  • Government and Crown corporations are ineligible to participate in Workplace Training

Services to Employers:

  • For On-the-Job Training, the WT Consultant will work collaboratively with the employer to complete a training plan that will outline the individual’s current level of competency, the skills to be acquired to perform job duties and required training time. A training plan is not required for Paid Work Experience.
  • Available on-going support to both employer and employee.
  • Regular reviews with employer and employee throughout the training program.
  • Assist employer, if necessary, to conduct performance appraisal to determine effectiveness of skills learned through training and effective application of these skills on the job.

To learn more about The Workplace Training Program, contact:

Valerie Shook
Workplace Training Consultant

#105, 9840 – 97th Avenue
Grande Prairie, AB T8V 7K2

Workplace Training Program contracted services delivered by Carlson & Company Inc.

Please submit this form and you will be contacted within two business days for preliminary assessment of your eligibility and additional Workplace Training information.

  • i.e. personal life changes, medical issues, vacations, moves, child care issues, etc.