Kayla Kempert

With guidance from The Work Place, Kayla has just begun exploring options beyond the field where she’d been employed for several years until her layoff due to a lack of work.

“The Work Place helped me overcome my fear of seeking employment outside family law. They helped me see that I can be valuable to many organizations, providing job leads for positions I probably would have never applied to before. I have a brand new resume and confidence in myself.

“I’m happy to say I now have options and I’m interviewing for multiple positions.

The Work Place provided Kayla with resume/cover letter review and editing assistance, Zoom and in-person meetings, interview preparation coaching, and job leads.

“The atmosphere at The Workplace is very welcoming. The world is rapidly changing its hiring practices. Catherine guided me through the process and made me feel confident while searching for a new position, helped me revamp my resume and provided a second set of eyes on cover letters.

“Catherine and Sai both work diligently to prepare me for the interview process. I am so grateful our community has this support, I don’t think I would have been as successful without The Work Place and its amazing staff.”