Are Cover Letters Necessary?

January 22, 2019

In today’s world of recruiting companies and Applicant Tracking Systems, are cover letters still required?

Some surveys suggest only about 50 per cent of hiring personnel read cover letters.  The resume truly is the document everyone is interested in and some managers say that’s where they get all their information. Others, however, say they won’t even look at a resume without a cover letter.

It’s best to continue including a cover letter as part of your job search tools, unless a specific company tells you it won’t be needed.

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While it’s recommended you continue to prepare cover letters, it’s also important that you make yours stand out – just as you would a resume – focus on relevant information and use it as an opportunity to profile accomplishments and strengths.

Make sure your cover letter contains key words from the job description you’re applying to and you have a consistent header to your resume. Keep it short and engaging so that the reader can’t wait to check out your resume.

As well, if you’re applying through an online job platform, such as Indeed, remember that you still have the opportunity to include a cover letter, e.g. in the “message to the employer” section.

Here’s an article with some tips on how to modernize your cover letter:

This video is another great resource:


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