Employers Value The Work Place Services

August 30, 2022

Since opening in 2008, The Work Place has helped hundreds of Grande Prairie and area job seekers find employment. Did you know, we’re also a valued partner for employers recruiting for vacancies?

We can provide assistance with employee recruitment and retention needs including:

  • Job posting service for full- and part-time, seasonal or casual employment.
  • Candidate resumé collection and/or screening for specific job vacancies.
  • Job seeker referrals based on employer’s criteria.
  • Providing Virtual Job Hubs for employers and job seekers.
  • Providing publications, at no charge, regarding human resource management.

We’ve worked with many employers for several years. Others have just recently accessed our services.

Here’s what some of them had to say:

Darrel Gunderson, General Manager, Hi-Tech Business Systems:

“Denise Carlson’s team at The Work Place has been a game changer for our hiring processes at Hi-Tech Business Systems Ltd. They consistently send us amazing referrals for open positions – both administrative and technical.

“We can rely on them to refer candidates that meet our requirements, are well trained, capable, and a great fit with our company culture. We have hired three referrals from The Work Place in the last few years and all have exceeded our expectations from day one. We have a noticed a trend across all of these candidates. They’re all dedicated with a strong work ethics and willingness to learn.

“Sharon Dunn, Copier Sales administrator, joined the Hi-Tech family in 2020 and very quickly became an integral member of our team. She continually goes above and beyond the call of duty to improve processes, volunteer her time to help others, and assist with multiple committees. In no time, Sharon became essential to the success of our teams.

“Travis McDougald, Merchant Service Technician, joined us more recently, in May 2022. From day one, he has impressed our team with his incredible work ethic, problem solving skills, and desire to learn. Technical roles are quite challenging to fill as it is as much about the qualifications as it is about the willingness to learn.

“The Work Place always refers top quality candidates to us. These candidates submit high-quality resumes that accurately reflect their skills, abilities, and experience. I highly recommend The Work Place to both employers and those looking for work. Denise’s team truly cares about their clients and community partners which drives the success of their referrals.”


Y Drive is a new ride share service in Grande Prairie. Managing Partner Gezim Veliu says The Work Place provided great service when his company was launching and recruiting this spring.

“The ladies were amazing to work with. As soon as we contacted The Work Place, they were very quick to respond. They put together a virtual hiring fair for us. The whole process was super smooth. The job fair itself was well run and organized and we had a few good leads from the nearly 20 participants.

Veliu was also appreciative of other resources provided by The Work Place to assist with hiring, including information about government programs and grants.

“I would absolutely recommend The Work Place for others.”


Katy O’Brien-Watson, Human Resources Specialist at Rentco Equipment, was a presenter at a recent Virtual Job Hub, a regular offering of The Work Place. She praised this service.

“I love presenting at the Virtual Job Hubs,” she says. “The limited number of participants allows for a more personal touch that we don’t get at in-person job fairs. I also get to learn about other local companies and what makes them unique to job hunters.”

How to Reach The Work Place

If you’re an employer and would like to discuss how we can help you business’s recruitment and retention efforts, call Catherine Dyer, Employment Consultant, at 780-539-5477, ext. 3, or email: catherine.dyer@gpworkplace.ca

You can also visit: https://www.gpworkplace.ca