Is the Paper Resume Dead?

December 17, 2018

In a world of online and video resumes, is there still a place for the good old paper CV? Very much so.

The key is to make it your own while keeping it fresh and appealing. You can demonstrate you are computer and techno-savvy in an interview.

Reasons why you still need a paper resume:

  • Many smaller companies aren’t yet fully digital and they comprise the majority of any major job search market.
  • Be different. When everything is going virtual, the few people who successfully manage both the online and the offline will really stand out. 
  • Digital resumes get lost just as easily as paper ones. Resume copies you bring to interviews might be the only ones in the room, and the interviewers will appreciate that when it happens, especially when they go on to take notes directly on your copies.
  • Like a business card, a resume crisply printed on high quality paper leaves a professional impression wherever you go: networking event or job fair.
  • To demonstrate your creativity.

And here’s more to consider:

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