Job Fair Tips

August 27, 2017

Job Fair Tips

Devise a plan for the day. Know which employers you want to connect with ahead of time, and prioritize them. Show up with an ample supply of resumés, enthusiasm, and energy.

Dress like you would for an interview.

Research the companies that will be there. The No. 1 complaint from employers is that candidates simply didn’t take the time to learn about the company and its opportunities in advance. The more you know about an organization and the types of positions they hire for, the better you will come across to the employer. And it’s not that hard — just review the list of companies attending the job fair and read their websites. If you don’t have time to research every company, select the top five to 10 companies you’d like to work for and research those.

Don’t ask questions that you can find answers to online. You should never ask: “What kind of positions are you hiring for?” or “What is your organization all about?” or any other question that can be answered with a quick Google search. Instead, ask recruiters to elaborate on information you’ve learned from your research. Mention something you read online about a new product or a new initiative.

Be prepared to answer questions about yourself. Many employers open the conversation with: Tell me about yourself? Be prepared to state your name, a brief statement about yourself, and why you’re interested in the organization you’re talking to. Be concise; you don’t have much time to make your impression before the recruiter is on to the next person. If an employer asks where you’re currently working, and you’re not, just say something like, “my most recent employment was with …” and move on by describing your skills or what you learned in that job.

Be enthusiastic. This is not the time to be laid back, casual, and cool. Demonstrate your interest with a firm handshake, good eye contact, a smile, and a good conversation with the company recruiter. Always remember that a company recruiter is not a career counselor, so there’s no need to discuss anything about your job search with them. Focus on your talents, and link them to the organization.

Make sure you have that wow factor.  Each employer sees hundreds of job seekers in a day. Just saying ‘hi’ and dropping off your resumé is not enough effort. Tell the employer your unique story, career accomplishments, and what sets you apart from and above all other potential candidates. This extra effort is what will get you noticed.

Grande Prairie’s Job Fair

Wednesday, September 20, 2017
Noon to 6:00 pm
Grande Prairie’s Holiday Inn (South of the GPRC), Holiday Inn, 9816 107 St, Grande Prairie.