Manage Your Online Reputation

February 15, 2019

If you’re involved in a job competition or are being recruited for a position, you can be assured the potential employer will check you out online.

The first link within this article notes this effort is more directed at confirming details in your resume than digging up dirt. However, you don’t want to lose opportunities because what your online reputation reveals.

That means you should ensure your job search documents – paper and digital – and online professional presences such as LinkedIn are factual. It’s also important you review your social media profiles and posts to make sure they do not raise red flags.

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Things to review online include photos showing you engaged in activities that could be deemed as immoral or illegal or making racially, sexually or religiously insensitive remarks. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be politically active. There’s a provincial election expected in Alberta this year and a federal vote will also be called. It’s just wise to avoid dropping F-bombs into your content.

Have you ever tried Googling yourself? It’s a good idea to take this step as part of your job search process, just in case something from years ago is online and you have the opportunity to remove any questionable content.

If you’re in job search mode, think before you post. If in doubt, leave it out – on any social media platform, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Also be aware images you’re tagged in can cause you grief.

The old adage was that if you don’t want to see it in the newspaper tomorrow, don’t do it or say it today. The same principle applies in the digital age – but much more so. It also should be noted that individuals have been fired from a job when questionable content has come back to haunt them.

The first link offers more advice on managing your online reputation. The second discusses the downside of not being truthful on your resume.

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