Tips for Applying For Jobs Online

January 9, 2019

Employment counsellors constantly encourage job seekers to have an updated resume that’s detail oriented with relevant information. Applying for openings at most larger employers now also involves being ready to apply online.

This means submissions must be compatible with an Application Tracking System (ATS). While these systems enable you to upload your resume and cover letters, there are some steps to keep in mind to ensure your documents are received effectively.

This includes being aware of the required file format and potential issues with fonts and images. Follow directions carefully.

As well, it’s more important than ever to tailor your resume to a specific opening. The ATS will be scanning your documents for key words found in the job description.

If you’re unemployed or underemployed, staff at The Work Place in Grande Prairie can assist you with your job search and provide you with advice on applying for openings online.

This article provide help guidance to ensure your online job application experience goes smoothly.

Be sure to click on links within. You’ll find a checklist to support your application tracking system success.

Remember to have paper copies available to hand out at interviews.

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