No May Be Yes Later

May 10, 2019

We’ve all experienced the heartache of a rejection letter or a phone call informing us we didn’t get the job we felt had our name all over it.

This can be particularly painful if it’s been a long process with more than one interview. It’s natural to feel down and perhaps even think negatively about the situation.

In this blog, we provide resources on how to respond to the communication, if you choose to, and some lessons learned to be even stronger for your next opportunity.

Often, we accept we didn’t get the position and move on to pursuing other options. For a lot of people, the interview is one of many as part of a job search. Sometimes, the unsuccessful candidate will determine it wasn’t the right fit anyway.

If you do want to respond in writing or verbally, be sure to be gracious, courteous and brief. You can recount that you appreciated learning about the organization and how you felt the interview was a great experience. You can also express your interest in keeping in touch for future vacancies.

Should you wish to receive feedback, you may ask for a debrief – if you are comfortable accepting constructive criticism.

Staff at The Work Place in Grande Prairie can guide eligible unemployed or underemployed clients (visit for details) on how to follow up employers in the interview process.

They can also assist you with your other job search tools and ensure you’re using all the resources available to you, including accessing potential training opportunities (see contact details below). Your strategies may include updating or acquiring new skills.

Check out these links for ideas on how you can respond to news you weren’t successful for a coveted position.

Ultimately, if you choose to respond to a rejection letter, you want to leave a positive impression. The dreaded news may come via a phone call so be prepared to be cordial. If this is a workplace where you’d like a second chance, your tactful verbal or oral communication can lay the groundwork for that.

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