What is your Job Search Strategy?

July 15, 2020

It’s more important than ever that job seekers have a plan of attack to pursue their next opportunity.

How many of you have heard of people sending out hundreds of resumes to no avail? Are you taking a “spray and pray approach” (a term referenced in one of our links below)?

You may get lucky sending out resumes in volume. Most people will likely find themselves frustrated doing a lot of work for naught.

In this blog, you’ll find some resources to develop a strategic approach to your job search.

As Adrienne Tom, an award-winning resume writer, interview coach and job search strategist with Career Impressions in Calgary, points out, a resume is just one tool in your job search strategy:https://careerimpressions.ca/your-resume-is-not-the-key-to-opening-doors/

In a recent LinkedIn discussion, Adrienne asked how much time readers invest in various tactics. Some other job search experts provided their thoughts.

You will see that while there are different responses, the message is that much more effort should be devoted to activities like networking and doing research than in sending out untargeted resumes and focusing on job boards.

Adrienne shared her formula for the current circumstances:

Research 25%

Informational Interviews 30%

Engaging on LinkedIn 15%

Networking, online and off (other) 15%

Building tools 10% (this would include resumes, cover letters, etc.)

Online job boards 5%

Biron Clark, Career Advice Author in Boston and founder at CareerSidekick.com, responded with this comment: “Such an important/good topic to think about for every job seeker. I think it varies a lot. Have you already gotten interviews lined up? Then you need time to prepare for those. That’s just one factor. But I think it’s beneficial for every job seeker to sit down and at least think about this. Where is your time best-spent? Where are you seeing results? Where are you not seeing results and maybe should spend less time?”

Adrienne replied: “Great insights and consideration, Biron. I agree that the process is fluid and time allocation may need to tip in different directions depending on focus or results. It is definitely wise to be aware of the time spent on different efforts alongside ROI (Return On Investment).”

Virginia Franco, Executive Storyteller, Resume and LinkedIn Writer in Charlotte, North Carolina, contributed her formula:

30% research/homework/interview prep

30% outreach/networking/engaging on social media

30% preparing your career marketing collateral (resume and LinkedIn)

10% Job Boards

Austin Belcak, founder of Cultivated Culture, a professional training and coaching firm in New York City, responded:

Informationals / Networking – 40%

Engaging On LinkedIn – 20%

Research – 20%

Customizing Tools (Resume, etc.) – 10%

Job Boards – 5% Other – 5%

“I think some can overlap, like engaging on LinkedIn could be lumped into networking and working to get informationals. If I had to pare it down to two buckets, I would say this: Networking Activities – 90% Online Apps – 10%.”

As you can see, job search experts agree that circumstances will dictate what your strategy and time investments look like.

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Earlier, we mentioned the “spray and pray” approach to seeking employment. This article covers how to address frustration in your job search: https://www.irelaunch.com/blog-no-one-has-responded-resume

This article discusses time investment in a job search: https://www.thebalancecareers.com/how-much-time-to-spend-on-a-job-search-2062204

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Ultimately, a successful job search should be focused on a career advancement to fit your strengths, values, interests, skills – one that will give you opportunities to grow and find fulfilment. This will best be accomplished by having a planned approach and not putting all your eggs in one basket.

If you’re currently undertaking a job search, we extend our best wishes.